My landscape and personal work goes back to my introduction to photography. My father had a darkroom in our basement so it was fitting that my 8th grade science project was developing and printing black and white film. I had fun with it but I was too young to understand it’s purpose beyond the obvious.

In my Junior College years I was introduced to Ansel Adams and many other Masters. Adams was getting famous and his black and white pre-visualization technique called “the zone system” was the purist technique of the day. Adams, introduced and inspired all kinds of people into photography including myself. To this day Adams is still a great entry point into Photography.

In the beginning, I had simple inexpensive camera equipment and a full-time job as a wholesale wine representative. I realized, I couldn’t stay in the wine business and sales didn’t give me long term satisfaction. So, I read and practiced the zone system and was obsessed with learning and practicing photography. I built a darkroom and developed my own negatives and became proficient at printing. It was a time of wonder hard work and seeing the world through fresh eyes.

After years of sacrifice and hard work I finally got a break and was hired as a full-time photojournalist in Scottsdale, AZ. My landscape and person photography went to the way side over the years. As a working press photographer (20 years) I experienced burn-out on occasions so I thought what do I need to do to get my inspiration back. My self prescribed prescription was to return to my roots and experience photography using my 8 X 10 view camera. It made me slow down and enjoy the process of creating an image. Most of my Black and White portfolio are from these trips.

I can always appreciate photographing a dramatic landscape and I have my share of them but, I’m also attracted to the less known locations. They’re on the road less traveled. When being creative, I find crowds distracting, I might as well be a tourist and use my iPhone. So, I tend to stay away from those area’s. Photography is a personal self indulgent experience for me. I like photographic themes like metaphors, juxtapositions, abstractions, things left behind and transformations I do venture out beyond Arizona but for the most part my work is in the SouthWest and fairly close to Metro Phoenix.