Benefits of Using a Professional Photographer vs Doing It Yourself in a Professional Environment

Corporate Photo Shoot in Phoenix, AZ

When it comes to choosing who you should use for your professional or corporate photography sessions, there are many things to consider. Among them are cost, availability, experience and professionalism. Let’s look at each one in turn, to help you make the most important decision regarding your corporate or professional shoot.


It’s true that hiring a professional can be more costly than DIYing yourself or having an amateur shutterbug on your staff do it. However, please realize that you’re entrusting the corporate mission and your companies branding into the hands of your photographer.

The cost typically involves the conceptual development of the project, the shoot schedule and list, post production, delivery of print and web ready images. Now, with digital photography, you may think there’s not much in the way post production. Postproduction is Photoshop, basic retouching, color correction, editing, cropping, archiving, compressing, and uploading to servers and delivery. Can the DIY do that when you need it? The mission at Brad Armstrong Photography is to provide personalized corporate photography that individually identifies your company through quality photography that directly translates your mission. Do you really want to give this responsibility to anyone but a professional?


We often have full schedules, but we’re also in the business of photography so we’re flexible and work around your schedules to achieve the best results possible for your photo shoot.


Any business professional setting up a photo shoot for staff photos or a new business marketing brochure will hopefully check into the experience level of the photographer he or she ultimately hires. Ask for references. View a portfolio. Check for online reviews.


The biggest advantage of using a professional photographer over an amateur or DIYing it is that it is the pro photographer’s JOB to do a good job. He, by necessity, has to please his client. He has to arrive when scheduled, leave when scheduled, and do what he was hired to do while he is there. He has to deliver the goods on time (or have alternative arrangements ahead of time) and he has his professional reputation to protect. He can’t afford to be late, to goof off, to take bad photos, or to “forget” deadlines or delivery dates. By virtue of being a professional, you can expect to be treated as a fellow professional, not mom’s boss.

Hiring a professional photographer is the best thing you can do for your business and corporate photography needs. Yes, it may cost more, but the quality of the work, professionalism and experience you’ll receive will make all the difference.

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