Tilt Gallery and the Phoenix art Museum’s InFocus Auction

Brad Armstrong

Some of you may be familiar with this wonderful photograph I took many years ago. It’s an early morning photograph of an abandoned carnival during a dust storm. Some of my fine art photography is represented by the Tilt Gallery in Scottsdale.  Arizona. I’m please and totally stoked to report they sold this piece for a personal high for my work. At this size it’s an edition of 15.

The piece has also been selected to be included in the prestigious Phoenix Art Museum’s InFocus Photography Auction Photobid 2013 . Organized by Dr. Rebecca Senf, the Norton Family Curator of Photography at the Center for Creative Photography and Phoenix Art Museum, Photobid 2013 features more than 50 signed limited-edition prints and books by acclaimed photographers from throughout Arizona and the United States.  The Auction: Starting August 15, 2013. Preview Exhibition: October 5-18 , 2013  For more information go to: http://www.infocus-phxart.org/auction/

Printed Work

St. Joseph's Center for Thoracic Disease

My photography is featured in the Phoenix Magazines, Top Doctor’s, 2011 issue. St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center placed a double truck advertisement in this years TD Issue. The photo on the left is Dr. Kuo (Left) and Doctor Bremner. The one on the right of Dr. Smith and Dr. Huang.

The Centers for Habilitation

Notebook Magazine

Last year, I was selected for a second time to represent the Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust and take part in the photographic project called Picturing Maricopa 2010. I was honored and very fortunate to be selected in 2009 as well. To make the selections an outside selection committee was formed consisting of museum curators and a graphic designer. From over 50 applicants 15 professional photographers were chosen by the selection committee. We were then paired with 15 nonprofit agencies who care for people of all needs. I was paired with The Centers for Habilitation (TCH) in Tempe, Arizona.

The Trust publishes a quarterly magazine called Notebook. I was excited to hear that my work is featured on the cover of this years magazine. It’s a picture of Victor at work in the paper shredding facility at TCH. He is a vivacious, and outwardly happy man who has serious needs both mentally and physically.

Dawn Hawking Director of Development for The Centers of Habilitation wrote the Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust when she received her magazine in the mail. This is what she wrote:

I wanted to let you know that I just took the notebook to Victor to show him, and you made his day by putting him on the cover. His coworkers were standing around and are just as excited as he is. It was a great moment to experience. Thank you again.

News like this, makes my day. If I can help people or bring light onto an issue through my photography there is no greater compliment.