Chase Field Advertisement

The Brains

Recently, I did a fun location shoot photographing Doctors at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center, Barrow Neurological Institute. I was told the advertisement is being used at Chase Field. I was told it’s huge, close to 8 feet high and 12 feet long. Someday, I hope to see it in person.

Barrow Neurological Institute Video

An Avenue of Hope

Ray Thurston

Here are a couple of short video’s that are my first commercial video productions as a commercial photographer. I’m excited that my first video opportunity was with such a prestigious world renowned medical center such as Barrow Neurological Institute. As a commercial photographer these day’s it seems a natural transition to slide into video but it can be a tough sell, a steep learning curve and an expensive endeavor. With that said, your client must have a certain level of confidence that you’ll deliver a professional product.

I did two video’s. The Avenue of Hope is an interview with Nadar Sanai, MD, Director of the Barrow Brain Tumor Research Center and Director of Neurosurgery Oncology. The second video How and Why I Give, is with Ray Thurston a businessman and philanthropist who’s donated money to the center to advance brain tumor research.


Ballerina Sarah Johnson
I wanted to shoot something different from what I usually do. So I contacted a friend who is a dance teacher at a local high school. I asked her if she knew a ballerina who would work with me in exchange for prints. My original idea was to do outside pictures in the nearby desert, but that changed when I saw Sarah in her white Tutu.