Brad Armstrong is currently focused on producing personalized, professional photography for corporate America. His commissions page features a wealth of incredible imagery spanning his successful career. The categories below reveal the many facets of Brad Armstrong’s talents in Corporate photography, Healthcare photography, Editorial photography and more.

Healthcare Photography

Healthcare Photography

Photographing all aspects of the HealthCare Industry. Familiar with HIPAA laws and patient privacy. My work is used in magazines, newsprint, magazine ads, location display ads i.e. Chase Field, brochures, foundation magazines, websites and media releases.

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Scottsdale Healthcare Thompson Peak.  Doctor Nelson

Corporate Portraits

When asked to do executive portraits my first question is what is the portrait going to be used for? In corporate photography the executive portrait needs are fairly literal. Give use a the best picture you can for corporate communication, marketing and website display. We are selling confidence and assuring professionalism.

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Editorial Photographs from Brad Armstrong

Editorial Photographs

When shooting editorial I have more creative freedom to compose a wider scene. I can utilize open space for composition that reveals the human condition. When I work with publications that might have a reporter present we work together to get the images we need. If I’m alone, I’ll ask the contact, why am I here? Please, tell me your story.   This gives me opportunity to capture the essence of the persons state of mind and purpose for the shoot.  In editorial work it needs to be real and I try not to infuse myself into the images.

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Featured Photo

This is the late Senator Barry Morris Goldwater (January 2, 1909 – May 29, 1998). This photograph is currently housed in the National Archives of the Smithsonian Institutions, National Portrait Gallery Washington, D.C. It is featured prominently as the closing photograph to the HBO documentary film Mr. Conservative and has been published in several publications including Arizona Highways, and Phoenix Magazine. This is the last formal portrait of the Senator prior to his death in 1998.

This is the back story to the portrait.

I posed him in a profile position because his face is completely defined by the strength of his bone structure. On previous occasions, I’ve seen the Sen. with his walking cane that featured the head of a bulldog on the handle. I asked the Senator if he would sit with the cane since it was a tribute to his many years of companionship with his Bulldogs.