Healthcare Photography


Photographing all aspects of the Health Care Industry. Familiar with HIPAA laws and patient privacy.

My work is used in magazines, newsprint, in house communications, magazine ads, brochures, location display ads, media releases and web.

I’ve worked with representing agencies, in house marketing departments, and philanthropy departments with major hospitals and medical centers. My roll is photographing doctor patient visits, research, surgeries, nursing care, after care therapy, doctor profiles, and success stories of former patients.

In the medical environment my work style is best described as a hybrid of commercial and semi-editorial workflow. I never really know what kind of environment I will be shooting in so I have lighting equipment with me at all times. I can be asked to photograph a doctor patient visit in an editorial style and then be asked to do a formal portrait of the doctor. It’s also important to say, that in the medical environment, it’s vital that my presence doesn’t become a hazard for patients or staff.  Brad Armstrong Photography is covered with liability insurance and my equipment is “coned off” for visitors, patients and working personnel.

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