InFocus, Phoenix Art Museum Auction

Carnival Color Landscape Photo

View the Preview Exhibition starting October 5, and join us for the Silent Auction finale on Friday, October 18.

INFOCUS PhotoBid 2013 auction items may be viewed in person October 5-18 at Phoenix Art Museum’s Norton Photography Gallery.

I have a uniquely beautiful and eerie limited edition piece in this auction. It’s number 144. Please check it out. The photo is titled Carnival. It’s a found picture, that for me is a once in a life time photograph. It was May 1998 when I was experiencing a small dust storm rolling through the downtown Phoenix area. I was driving on I-17 when I looked to the north and noticed what appeared to be an abandoned carnival in empty dirt lot. The dust storm gave the scene a surreal picturesque movie set quality. I thought wow, that’s an incredible scene. I exited the freeway as soon as I could and drove back to the carnival. I quickly got out of my car composed the scene in my viewfinder and made about four or five frames with my Contax G-2 film camera. I caught the tale end of the dust storm but I knew I had a great photograph. After I processed the image and had master printer Carlos Mondelaveitia make me a print I realized I had a truly special photograph. When people look at the image they’re surprised it’s a photograph. In a way it looks like a pastel painting. The early morning light, the blowing dirt, the golden brown grass and colors of the carnival rides give it a painterly quality. This image and many more of my images are represented at the Tilt Gallery in Scottsdale.

If you have the time please visit the InFocus auction at the Phoenix Art Museum. There’s a lot of talent represented and some great photography to be had. So please support the arts…

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