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Photography: Six Reasons to Add It to Your Public Relations Campaign

We all know the power of an image in advertising. But have you ever stopped to wonder about the power photos might have in your press materials. Whether they go straight in front of the public, or have to pass through an editor’s hands, including good quality professional photos in your PR content can mean the difference between its success and failure. And that’s with both the public and the press alike. Here’s six good reasons to add professional photos to your next PR campaign:

1. It shows the faces behind the campaign.

There’s a reason charities have a “poster child”. There’s a motive for movie makers to show you who’s “behind the scenes.” It’s human nature to want to have someone to identify with a cause or product. It’s also human nature to know who’s who and to have some idea of who’s in charge and who’s working hard to get the job done. Photography can show these folks who are seldom seen, but perhaps should be.

2. It can show a need.

Need more space? More donations? More volunteers? Photography can accurately capture the lack of workspace, the lack of funding, the lack of folks. By placing the need on film, you have irrefutable proof of its existence.

3. It can show progress.

Just as you can capture your cramped, dingy office space, you can also tout your new spacious, open facilities. You can also show off your latest equipment, you new staff, your expanding product line. Before and after shots are a great way to announce to the world that you are on the move in an upwardly direction.

4. It can give an “insider’s” view.

Just as you can showcase the folks behind the curtain, you can actually take your audience behind that curtain with photos of everyday “life” or of special events. Just as we want to know the people behind the cause, we also enjoy seeing what they do, where they work, how they have fun. Showing off your latest event can almost guarantee that your next one will have a bigger, better attendance, as those who missed out will see just what they’ve missed.

5. It makes good sense.

We’ve become a very visually-oriented culture. Press releases with photos get 45% more reads than those without. If folks are attracted to, and have become used to, visual content, then you’d be foolish to offer up PR materials that are void of images.

6. It may make all the difference between being published and being bounced.

Some news outlets demand images with all press materials. Others simply give preference to those that are accompanied by one or more photos. Including photos in your press materials can be the deciding factor between getting editorial space and ending up in the dust bin. Many editors know that materials with images get more attention from the readers. They’ll print the ones that will get the reads.

Photography is a good idea for both marketing and PR campaigns. And as we’ve seen, both the consumer and the publisher will gravitate toward materials that include photos. Give your PR content the best chances it has of reaching its intended audience by adding some professional photos. You can’t afford not to.

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