The Benefits of an Annual Corporate “Picture Day”

Photo Shoot Day Office

Remember picture day in school? Everyone had on their best, often newest clothes. Their hair was done as well as Mom and gym class or recess could accomplish. And the smiles were the brightest, happiest things going. And then it was back to normal school duds and messy hair and grumpy faces until next year rolled around. Many companies and corporations find that an annual employee photo shoot or company “picture day” has its benefits, some shared by those school days picture days, and others unique to the corporate world. We’re going to take some time to look at why you should consider a company “picture day” and the good it can do your corporation.

  1. An annual corporate photo shoot or “picture day” will give you the opportunity to update employee identification cards. With photo IDs and scan cards becoming increasingly vital for building security and employee access, as well as recognition, it’s a good idea to update them on a regular basis. New photos every year, as well as new cards, can keep your system up to date, and allow no doubt that the guy in the photo with grey hair and glasses is the same guy that got hired here 15 years ago when he had perfect vision and was a tow-headed blonde.
  2. You can keep your company’s photo directory up to date. No more embarrassing shots of you with a Burt Reynold’s mustache and a pastel leisure suit gracing the front office wall. No more 90s inspired eye makeup or even last year’s bad hair do, either. Give your clients and vendors a more accurate (and hopefully fashion-conscience) view of you and your team with new portraits every year.
  3. You’ve got an impressive, well designed website. Why darken the Meet the Team or About Us page with old, outdated photos? Use those new portraits from your annual picture day to give your website visitors fresh faces and current looks to use to get know you.
  4. Speaking of “getting to know you” if you are handing out business cards or brochures without your photo on them, or with a photo that barely resembles you, an annual photo day will allow you to have a nice, clean, professional portrait to use for your networking and marketing materials. Don’t leave them trying to remember just who you were. Leave them with a smile to go with the name.
  5. Instead of adding new faces to your photo directory “sometime in the future”, you can be sure to include them in the annual photo shoot. There’s no more feeling left out, no more “strange guy” or “new girl” prowling about your offices. And new employees will have a professional photo to use for business cards, web sites, and other important marketing and networking materials.

Having an annual picture day or portrait shoot for your employees can have many benefits for them, for you, and for your corporation. It’s an easy way to give a fresh face to the future of your company, as well as helping to create a feeling of family, of belonging, of being special. And hopefully, you’re better at dressing yourself now than you were in junior high!

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